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Google Advertisers Take On Audio & Print Ads

A Wall Street Journal article named Google Tests New Ad Offerings — But Will Advertisers Follow? looks at various types of advertisers reactions to Google’s efforts to expand to print and audio ads. I’ll put out some quotes for you on this:

The success of Google’s efforts to persuade Mr. Cohen and his counterparts [Google AdWords Advertisers] to shift more ad dollars to its new offerings are crucial to the company’s success in expanding beyond advertising linked to Web-search results. It’s not just big marketers who need to be persuaded — the company will be focusing a good part of its attention on the small- and medium-size businesses that represent the bulk of its ranks of current advertisers

And for some specific feedback from those the Wall Street Journal interviewed:

“If it’s complicated, I won’t be involved,” says Dennis Soltis, owner and CEO of grill parts supplier Barbecue Renew Inc. in Destin, Fla.

Some bigger advertisers especially like the idea that Google can help them track the effectiveness of not only ads on the Web but in traditional media.

Google’s efforts generally have “added a whole level of science to the marketing decisions you make as a CMO,” says Gemstar-TV Guide’s Mr. Cohen. But he views Google’s new offerings in radio as a way to fill out a brand’s overall radio-ad buying rather than a venue for the core ad purchase.

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