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Google Apps For Your Domain Enables Domain Registration

The Google Blog announced that Google Apps For Your Domain has added the ability to register a domain name, if you do not have one yet. What I find interesting, as I explained here, is that we know Google is a domain registrar for about two years now, but yet they are using GoDaddy and eNom to handle the domain registration information. I suspect they do not want to build out a system to handle that on their own. But what I find more interesting is that they mention that they even support “private registration to protect your personal information.”

The overview page has been adjusted to include that it will cost $10 per year to register a domain at Google Applications.

Postscript From Danny: As a Google Apps For Your Domain user, this seems more about a way for Google to get more people tied into its apps system without the complexities involved rather than making domain registration cash.

Google Apps requires a fair amount of configuring for those who have their own domains. The new partnership seems to make it possible to have domains registered through GoDanny and eNom and have those companies do behind-the-scenes work to make your domain use the Google Apps services. It is surprising that neither of those companies mentions Google Apps support on their home pages or their pages about domain registration.

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