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Google Backs Private Moon Landing With Google Lunar X PRIZE

It has nothing to do with organizing the world’s information — but I don’t
care, it’s pretty cool.
a private moon landing. In particular, it’s putting up $30 million
for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a
contest for private landings on the moon.

Can you land a craft that will roam for 500 meters and transmit back to
earth? Do it first and before 2013, and $20 million could be yours. Check out
the exact rules

FYI, Google’s already got one moon project already going,
Google Moon, a map of the moon that
went live
back in July 2005. That’s
been updated
with an all new version in conjunction with today’s announcement.
Google Mars followed
in March
, then Google
opened up viewing the stars and universe just last month.

For more coverage as people react, just out the Techmeme

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