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Google Jet Lands At NASA's Moffett Field

Valleywag reported that the Google Jet was spotted on the tarmac at Moffett Field, which is operated by NASA. Moffett is a very convenient location for jet owners Larry Page and Sergey Brin to land at, since it is the closest runway to Google’s headquarters. Can we expect the Google cofounders land their private jet here again?

There are suspicions that Google & NASA’s past partnerships may have led to a side deal where Google can use this airfield for their own commercial purposes.

Google execs take off with landing privileges at Moffett Field from the San Francisco Chronicle goes into this story in a lot more detail. It explains that Page and Brin may be “negotiating to lease a hangar from the space agency.”

Tom Means, Mountain View’s vice mayor asked;

Are they looking to expand to some full-level operation, or is it just this one time?

Neither NASA or Google spokespeople commented on the story. The airfield is primarily used for military transport planes, for scientific purposes, and federal government business.

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