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Google Makes FeedBurner's TotalStats & MyBrand Free

In light of Google’s acquisition of FeedBurner, Google has made the two fee-based FeedBurner services free: MyBrand and Stats PRO.

FeedBurner Stats PRO gives you a more details look at your feed readers. The enhanced reporting includes subscriber numbers, item clickthrough tracking, clickthrough tracking optimization, uncommon uses, podcast downloads, reach, aggregate item uses, on site statistics and much more.

The MyBrand feature allows you to control the URL your feeds. Instead of your feed URLs being under the feedburner.com domain, it would be under your domain. Stay Master Of Your Feed Domain from Danny explains the feature and its benefits in great detail.

Those who have FeedBurner PRO accounts will not be billed for June and forward. But those who do not have PRO account will need to upgrade to them, even though there is no fee. You can turn FeedBurner Stats PRO on by signing in to your account, navigating to the Analyze tab and heading to the FeedBurner Stats PRO section. Click the “Item Views” checkbox to activate these PRO features. You can turn MyBrand on by signing in to your account, click the “My Account” link in the upper left-hand corner, and then click “MyBrand”.

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