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Google Maps Australia Turns 30 Second Walk Into 18 Minutes Drive

Send for the search party, Google gives a bum steer from the Sydney Morning Herald reports how the just launched service Google Australia Maps was dinged after someone discovered it turned a 30 second walk into a 18 minute car journey.

In particular, this search for directions from Shelbourne Hotel at 200 Sussex Street to Google’s own Sydney office at 201 Sussex Street — across the street — takes you over a toll bridge and back, an 18 minutes car drive.

In the screen capture below, the two pins show the start and end point. Notice how the route goes well away from them:

Google Maps Australia 18 minutes

Too funny!

In any event, the article places the blame on MapData Sciences, a Sydney-based company that powers directions for Google Maps Australia.

The statement from Google? “Google Maps Australia is currently a beta product and we welcome feedback as we continue to enhance the product for users in Australia.”

I wonder when this will get fixed. They fixed the 200 U-Turn bug found last month fairly quickly, when that was reported.

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