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Google News Engine Bugging Out

I am a huge Google News user, and at 10:08:42 AM (EST) this morning, Google News began flaking out for me. It was returning 500 errors, graphics weren’t loading, searches weren’t working and so on. I waited a bit and it came back, but then it had more issues. Philipp Lenssen has a unique screen capture of the Google News home page without any news. But what makes it even worse for me, is that Google News seems to be back now, but I have yet to receive any Google News search RSS updates on my Bloglines feeds. No word from Google yet on this, but when we do hear, we will update you on this.

Postscript: Now received from Google:

A number of users have had difficulty accessing Google News today. We know how important Google News is to our users and are working as quickly as possible to fully resolve the problem.

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