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Google Newspaper Ads Run Again

PPC Discussion updates us that his newspaper ad that Google is testing with him and hundreds of other advertisers is currently running now in 78 27 newspapers. The test run of Google Print Ads is between the dates of 11/29/06 and 12/21/06, and the ads are to be placed in newspapers such as Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, and many others. PPC Discussions said he would share the results of the test newspaper ad run with us, so I will track it and let you know what he reports.

Here is a copy of the email Google sent him:

“Congratulations! Your ad has been selected to run in Google’s print advertising test.

Attached is a list of newspapers, sections, and scheduled run dates for your ad, as well as a sample tearsheet displaying your ad. We determined where your ad would be placed by including it in a content bundle specifically relevant to your products or services.

Please note that some of the placements listed have not yet been confirmed by the newspapers and that your ad may appear in other publications in the near future. You may receive other confirmation emails such as this one.”

I wonder what his ad looked like. Jeremy, can you post the PDF of your ad?

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