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Google Pushing Google Checkout More

Google has sent out a promotion to Google Checkout Merchants, notifying them that all new Google Checkout customers get $10 from Google. Technically, this is a $10 sign up bonus, the details explain that if you sign up before February 15, 2007, and you are a new user to Google Checkout, you will get $10 to spend at Google Checkout merchants until March 31, 2007.

This comes following news of Google putting a Google Checkout promotion in the shopping OneBox of the search results pages, which Danny wrote about yesterday with New Google Checkout Promo; New Google Trust Worries.

Read/WriteWeb also notes that the Google home page is currently promoting this $10 sign up reward.

Here is a screen capture:
Google.com Checkout Promo

Postscript Barry: Danny wrote an entry that has more on this named Google Checkout Blogs On Recent Promotions.

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