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Google Reader Reporting Subscriber Numbers, Offers New Publishers Guide

Google Reader has now

that it is now providing subscriber counts, the number of people
who read your blog through feeds at Google Reader or the Google Personalized
Homepage. In addition a new
Google Reader
Publishers Guide
has been posted with tips on how to get add to Google
buttons and answers to frequently asked questions such as how to view the stats.
Many will see them through tracking services like
FeedBurner, which also mentions the


From a search marketing perspective, Google personalized search results are
now being seen by many more Google users. These are powered in part by feeds
read on the Google Personalized Homepage.
Google Ramps Up
Personalized Search
from me earlier this month explains how the personalized
search feature is becoming a default for many people, while
3 Ranking Survival Tips
For Google’s New Personalized Results
from Nick Wilson speculates reasonably
that Google Reader data might also be used in the future.

Both articles, as well as the new publishers guide, talk about those "Add To
Google" buttons that get feeds into Google Reader and the Google Personalized
Homepage. Make use of them to grow your readership, which may help you gain
better rankings. And now with the stats, you can track your readership growth.

Here’s our button, by the way:

Subscribe with Google

So get subscribed to us! And if you need buttons to help you subscribe to us
with other services, there are plenty more listed on our Search Engine Land
feeds page.

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