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Google Scores Higher On Forbes Tests

Google Boosts Its GPA at Forbes rates each of Google’s products and then gives Google an overall GPA (grade point average). Overall, Google did better than last year, gaining a B- rather than a C+. Here is a look at how each product was graded.

  • Google Video: B+ (last year a C)
  • Google AdSense (Contextual Ads): B- (last year a C+)
  • Google Base: C+ (last year a C)
  • Google Mini/Search Appliances: B- (last year a B)
  • Google Gmail: C (last year a C)
  • Google Maps/Earth: B+ (last year a B+)
  • Google Search: A- (last year a A-)
  • Google Froogle: Incomplete (last year a D+)
  • Google Pack: Incomplete (last year a C-)
  • Google Blogger: Incomplete (last year a C-)
  • Google Mobile: B (last year not available)
  • Google Collaboration Tools (Office): C+ (last year not available)
  • Google Checkout: B (last year not available)
  • Google Talk: B (last year a B-)

I was surprised Gmail didn’t go up bit. Other than that, I like the scores.

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