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Google Stepping Up Governmental Sales

Google Searches For Government Work by the Washington Post has details on Google’s current and future government sales operations. Yesterday, Google started a two-day sales event aimed at the U.S. government. The event reportedly brought in “200 federal contractors, engineers and uniformed military members.”

Rob Painter, director of the Google Earth federal effort, said “We’re really in the beginning stages,” of their government sales initiatives. In fact, Google began selling products directly to the government about three years ago. Their current government sales and engineering force consists of 10 people right now, but they plan on doubling that by years end. Currently, governmental agencies use an enhanced version of Google Earth. Google hopes to also sell three additional products to the government, including; “enhanced versions of Google Earth; search engines that can be used internally by agencies; and a new suite of e-mail, document and spreadsheet products.”

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