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Google To Make Stronger Effort With Blogging & Communication In 2007?

Over the New Year’s weekend, there have been a lot of posts about Google and their blogs and bloggers. I think Matt Cutts sums it up pretty well with his The Real Lesson From This Week post, where he calls for Google to have more people blogging and monitoring communities interested in their products. He also hints at a departure from Google.

Responding to recent criticisms over Google’s product “tips” and being told by TechCrunch he should be more critical of Google, Matt responded:

Google the organization in many ways mirrors the character of its employees. Google is a very polite, consensus-driven company. Usually if you get everyone in the same room and everyone explains their reasoning, the best decision emerges pretty quickly. As a result, I can’t recall ever hearing someone shout at Google. Even when issues are hotly debated, we tend to keep our discussion and our self-criticism within the company. So for me to be “far more critical

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