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Google Victory In American Blinds Settlement Over Trademark-Triggered Search Ads

One of the oldest outstanding trademark-infringement lawsuits filed against Google
over search ads — that by American Blinds & Wallpaper — has been settled in
what I’d agree with legal analyst Eric Goldman in

a stunning victory for Google. Google has to pay nothing and change
nothing to see the case disappear.

Eric has

the eight-page settlement
here (PDF format). It provides that
American Blinds will not seek to sue Google as long as it maintains its existing

policy that bars trademarks from ad copy. Eric also notes that American Blinds previously
to pay Google $15,000 over concerns about evidence discovery and

What about all those other cases over the years? See my freshly-minted post,
Paid Search Ads &
Trademarks: A Review Of Court Cases, Legal Disputes & Policies
that fills you in.

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