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Google Webmaster Central Blog Jetzt Auf Deutsch

Like the advice you get from the
Google Webmaster Central
blog? Heute kommt es auf Deutsch. Think I got that right. Two years of college
German, and that’s the best I can do. German speakers can now keep up on the
happenings with Google’s support for site owners in their native language. Some
posts from the English-language blog will be translated, and the
Webmaster-Zentrale Blog
will also have its own original posts (its first,

the hallo post
, is up now).

Warum auf Deutsch?

Sagt Google

This is a tribute to the fact that the German-speaking webmaster community
is our second biggest audience of this blog. The German Webmaster Blog will
provide you with first-hand information tailored towards our German-speaking
webmasters. The blog will contain a mix of German versions of postings from
this blog as well as unique postings about market-specific issues.

The post also says that more languages will be coming. As for me, I’m going
back to reread Mark Twain’s
The Awful German
to console myself that it’s not my fault I don’t speak better
German. Then maybe I’ll start reading the posts over there carefully, to see if
at least I can get enough words about suchmaschinen to sound OK.

Welcommen, German Webmaster-Zentrale Blog!

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