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Googlers Give Overwhelmingly To Democrats; Google's PAC Gave More To Republicans

Google contributes thousands to conservatives
from USA Today looks at how while 98 percent of Google employee money went to
Democrats in the last election, the company-controlled Google NetPAC gave 61
percent of its contributions to conservative candidates. Then again, donations
of $31,000 were tiny and the "company" PAC has donations that come almost
entirely from only seven employees, hardly feeling that much like a real company

With the Democrats in control of congress, the company PAC might now give
them a bigger share, said one analyst. What’s Google say?

Google declined to discuss any changes in future strategy. In a statement,
it said it supports politicians "on both sides of the aisle who share our goal
of preserving and promoting the Internet as a free and open platform."

Google NetPac was

last September. Open Secrets provides a page about it
with a breakdown of the $31,000 in expenses

and the seven major total donors


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