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Google's Debated Penalties & Filters Roundup

Over the years, there have been dozens if not hundreds, of theories on possible Google penalties and filters being used in the Google ranking algorithms. Joe Whyte provides an excellent roundup of many of those filters and penalties that the search forums have debated over the years. I am not getting into the debate on if these filters or penalties exist and I won’t say if his “workarounds” work. Here is a listing of the what he comes up with:

  1. Google Sandbox
  2. Google -30
  3. Google Bombing
  4. Google Bowling
  5. Google Duplicate Content Filter
  6. Google Supplemental Results
  7. Google Domain name Age Filter
  8. Google’s Omitted Results Filter
  9. Google’s Trust Rank Filter
  10. links.htm page filter
  11. Reciprocal Link Filter
  12. Link Farming Filter
  13. CO-citation Linking Filter
  14. To many links at once Filter
  15. To many Pages at once filter
  16. Broken Link Filter
  17. Page Load Time Filter
  18. Over Optimization Filter
  19. Keyword Stuffing Filter
  20. Meta Tag Stuffing Filter
  21. Automated Google Query Filter
  22. IP Class Filter
  23. Google Toolbar Filter
  24. Click through Filter in serps
  25. Traffic Filter

Some filters off the top of my head that he may have missed include:

  • Google’s Two Word Keyword Filter? (details)
  • Country Specific Filters & Weights (story)
  • The Network Filter (story)
  • The Hyphen Filter (story)

Oh, and let’s not forget the Name That Filter Game from a year and a half ago.

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