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Google's Software Making It To The Classroom

Michael Liedtke from the AP reports more and more classrooms are beginning to use Google’s new Google Docs & Spreadsheets as a “supplement” to Microsoft’s Office suite. The article explains that although many do not believe Google’s software will replace Microsoft’s Office, they do believe it will be used a supplementary tool. But I wonder what Google thinks about this, as they continue to “invite teachers to spend the day at its Mountain View headquarters to learn more about the advantages of the program.”

Postscript From Danny:
In particular, Google is quoted as saying, “We think it’s good to get people familiar with the other things we do [besides search], but it’s not like we are trying to get some kind of lifetime value out of each student.” It’s kind of hard to believe that. Apple long used schools as a way to try and create lifetime Apple users. While I can believe the public service argument that Google makes, it seems absurd to think they aren’t trying to win over support for Google’s products and services as early as possible. The story notes that Apple’s attempts haven’t really gained it share. Of course, Google also has an advantage in that there is no charge for its products, as also noted.

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