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Google's T-Mobile Ad On Why To Do SEO

T-Mobile Pitches Google SEO

My mobile phone company in the UK is T-Mobile, and I had to laugh when I was flipping through the latest in-house magazine I got from them. Apparently, as the headline of an advertorial tells me, "Search Engine Optimisation vital to enable business to compete online." And to learn more, I’m told to check out the Google UK business area that
features prominently (though not solely) AdWords.

Really, I was most intrigued by the text of the ad. Here are some pullouts:

Why not ask your web designers or content management team if your site is getting the best from Search Engine Optimisation.

Maybe because someone who does SEO might understand SEO better?

You can improve your ratings in web searches by making sure that your site and its contents are search-friendly. For example, keywords relating to your business should appear regularly in the content, titles and in your ‘meta’ data — the tags and labels inserted into the HTML code.

OK, it doesn’t explicitly says to use the meta keywords tag — which Google doesn’t use — but it gets kind of close 🙂

Overall, it’s not a bad ad. Just kind of funny to see Google pushing SEO, rather that AdWords.

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