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Google's YouTube To Showcase BBC Content On Three New Channels

BBC strikes Google-YouTube deal at the BBC reports they have struck a content deal with Google’s YouTube. BBC will showcase their content on three different YouTube channels. The three channels are:

  • BBC: BBC will show ad-free entertainment content to promote BBC’s videos. They will include “show clips like trailers and short features.”
  • BBC Worldwide: BBC will show “self-contained clips – about three to six minutes long – mining popular programmes in the BBC’s archive” and these videos will contain ads of some sort.
  • BBC News: BBC will air “about 30 news clips per day” in this channel and there will also be ads on this channel.

The New York Times also reports Google Courts Small YouTube Deals. The smaller deals include deals with National Basketball Association, Wind-up Records, Sundance Channel and “up more than 1,000 partnerships.”

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