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Hello Search Engine Land Readers From Barry Schwartz

Hey all! I just wanted to say a quick hello to all the readers. I cannot express enough how excited I am to be part of this very new adventure, with Danny, Chris and the rest of the crew.

So what can you expect from me over here?

From now until December 11th, I hope to carry on as I normally have done at Search Engine Watch. Today, I hope to post a normal roundup of news from around the search world. Next week will be a bit of a challenge being at SES Chicago, but I will do my best to get up by 6am to get fresh posts live before each day.

In addition, you can expect some intense SES Chicago coverage from the Search Engine Roundtable crew. The SES Chicago 2006 Quad Coverage Schedule is live and it shows you which sessions we will be covering. Part of our coverage team includes; Chris Boggs from Avenue A RazorFish, the associate editor of the Search Engine Roundtable and Kim Krause Berg from Cre8asite Forums (hugely respected SEM forum), Rob Kerry a SEW moderator also known as evilgreenmonkey, and of course, myself. I hope to post the recaps at this blog towards the end of the evenings, so you have a quick place to get the summaries and links. If you are providing coverage, please let us know in the comments area and I will do my best to include your source in the roundup.

Outside of that, on December 11th, I am expected something big from Danny. Honestly, I have not seen anything at this point, so who knows. But all this play up for December 11th, well – I am expecting something big, to say the least.

In any event, I wanted to personally thank Danny, Chris and the others from having me come over – it is a true honor. Also, I wanted to reach out and thank you – the readers – for supporting us all with this move. And I am very excited to hear directly from you guys, now that we have comments open.

Note: We are currently using TypeKey for commenting, but that will change with our own commenting registration later this month.

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