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How Do You Spell Google? Man Files Suit Saying It's His Social Security Number, Upside Down

Google sued for ‘crimes against humanity’ from the Register reports a man named Dylan Stephen Jayne sued Google for $5 billion. The crime? That his social security number, when turned upside down, spells the name Google.

So what? So if you try typing his social security number into Google and mess up, you may see Google come up. Well, Dylan feels his life is at risk over that.

His suit reads:

A person regardless of race or religion that wishes to cause acts of terrorism would look for social security numbers that are made readily available on the public use databases.

The ‘I don’t know’ defense obviously is a waste of money, time, and puts the lives of Americans and illegal aliens at risk of death or serious undress.

Legal expert Eric Goldman told the Register that this guy has no shot in court against Google, with these claims.

Want to see the suit itself? The handwritten filing can be found here or viewed easily at Techdirt here.

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