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Marketers Answer, "Would You Hire Matt Cutts" Away From Google?

Shoemoney has an excellent post where he asks different marketers, Would You Hire Matt Cutts? based Matt’s recent post suggesting it might not be long before he moves on from Google. So what did the marketers say? Not surprisingly, they would all love to hire Matt.

Kris Jones the CEO of Pepperjamsearch offered $250k plus profit sharing and stock, Patrick Gavin the CEO of Text Link Ads offered $500k, Greg Hartnett of Best Of The Web offered $200k, Christine Kim offered $150k, Rand Fishkin of SEOMOZ said he would hire him but did not say how much, Jason Calacanis Former CEO Weblogs INC & AOL Exec was very candid with his response, Neil Patel the CEO of ACS Web Consulting offered 200k, Aaron Wall of SEOBook would love to hire him but is realistic about not being able to afford him. Now, when Shoe asked Danny Sullivan, he said he would hire him but explained that no one would be hiring Matt because he would do his own thing if given the opportunity. I am with Shoe, I think he would be an excellent politician.

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