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Microsoft adCenter Labs Launches Ad Text Writer

Gary Price reports that Microsoft adCenter Labs has launched a new tool named Ad Text Writer.

You basically plug in a URL, Microsoft will read the site and come up with search ads based on the content of the site. So I figured I give it a try.

I plugged in searchengineland.com and this is what came up:

Microsoft Ad Text Writer

Let’s zoom in a bit on those ads:

Microsoft Ad Text Writer

Browse some of those titles.

Yes, this is far from a perfect tool, but to Microsoft’s credit, they do say these tools are in beta and are “proof of concept.” How does it work? Microsoft explains:

When you supply a Web address, Microsoft adCenter technology can generate possible ads for you, based on the keywords that are most representative of content in the website. Having access to automatically generated ads is particularly useful when you want to display text ads for a large website that has many keywords.

To me, it basically seems like it is pulling the site’s meta data to create the ads.

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