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Microsoft's Ozzie Talks Of Google "Wake-Up Call," Vertical Search Hopes

Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at Microsoft, spoke today about trying to
beat Google during a Goldman Sachs investors conference. Various reports cover
his comments relating to the Big G, Google, as well as search in general. Among

  • Vertical search may be a place to pull ahead of Google selectively,
    pointing to
    yesterday’s move
    in getting into health search [I agree]
  • Google’s success was a "wake-up call" for Microsoft
  • Search as a "command line" for the internet [as John Battelle

    has been
    putting it] but not the only place where people search
  • A reprise of the "it’s early days" and search is just past its "first
    generation" comments we’ve heard from Microsoft execs many time before

Places to read more:

The webcast of his talk can be heard from

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