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Mossberg, Ask.com "Goes Much Further" Than Google

Ask.com Takes Lead In Designing Display Of Search Results by Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal reviews Ask.com’s new 3D look.

Mossberg gave Ask.com great reviews, comparing Ask.com’s three-pane approach to Google’s Universal Search approach. Mossberg said Ask.com “took greater strides” than Google with their user interface. The new Ask.com user interface makes for a “better advance in unifying” the different levels of vertical search options available to the searcher, said Mossberg. He explained that this makes “search results easy to navigate and use” than Ask.com’s competitors.

Mossberg’s last word on Google’s user interface compared to Ask.com’s user interface,

Google deserves credit for universal search, which I’m sure will get better. But Ask’s new design is much more compelling and well worth a try.

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