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Name The Search Engine Land Gossip Column!

Next week, Search Engine Land’s gossip column launches. OK, so it’s less
gossip of the Valleywag style and more about
"movers and shakers" and rumors stuff. Who is moving where? Who has already
gone? What’s about to be launched that everyone’s trying to keep quiet?

We wanted to have a fun, good-spirited column to cover these types of
tidbits. It’s going to run twice per month to begin, compiled by a columnist
whose identity shall remain secret.

Searchwag? Nah. Sure, it might be fun linkbait to get Valleywag’s Nick Denton
to come after us for using that name. But we’re looking for something unique.
Got the perfect name? Drop it in the comments below. Also say when you’d like to
see this column. Mondays? Wednesdays? Fridays? What’s the best day for this type
of thing?

And got tips? Get thee to the
contact form and use the
All Editors option. Give us your email, and we’ll keep it secret. Otherwise,
just put in shh@searchengineland.com
and we’ll know you want to keep it on the SearchQT.

Postscript: GANG! Don’t use the contact form to send column name suggestions. Put them in the comments below. Use the form to email us story tips for the column itself 🙂

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