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New Search Blogs From Women


written before
about how there are many women are involved in search and search
marketing, but blogrolls like
can still feel man heavy. Fortunately, there are some new blogs
up from women in search, including Google Webmaster Central’s Vanessa Fox.
Here’s a round-up.

Let’s start with Google, and some background on other personal blogs by those
who work with webmasters. To date, that’s been the men. Back in August 2005,
Google search quality czar Matt Cutts launched his
own blog (still
currently down for
April Fool’s), which soon turned into a resource for those wanting to know more
about Google. Matt does write about non-Google issues, but there’s plenty about
Google to make his blog required reading.

Adam Lasnik had
Google in 2005 to work with Matt on webmaster relations, giving webmasters
another blog to watch — Adam’s own. Adam
doesn’t actually blog much about
Google issues there,
however. Instead, you’re more likely to hear him interacting at places like
WebmasterWorld or
Google Webmaster
at Google Groups.

Enough of Google men. Like Adam, Vanessa Fox deals with webmaster relations
for Google. She oversees
Google Webmaster Central and has
been blogging plenty at the

old Inside Google Sitemaps blog
, which became the
Google Webmaster Central
blog. Now she’s launched her own
personal blog
, which so far remains Google free.

Her domain name, well — it’ll raise some eyebrows. Some backstory here.
There’s another Vanessa Fox on the web that apparently works in the adult
industry. This came to light when Dave Naylor

after doing a post mentioning Goggle Vanessa that he got traffic for her name and, well,
something adult related. If you go to vanessafox.com, it will NOT be the Google
Vanessa’s blog. Since she can’t have her name, as a joke, she’s picked up a
domain name the other Vanessa might want. Plus, it gives Dave Naylor a


Speaking of having your own name, search marketer Jennifer Slegg has run her
own blog about contextual ads at JenSense
since November 2004. Now she’s got a new one under her actual name,
JenniferSlegg.com, where she

to write on SEO and online marketing and content development.

Another new blog is from Alchemist
, which is Jessie Stricchiola’s company. I’m not sure if Jessie’s doing all the
posts on the Alchemist Blog,
but it’s one you might want to watch.

Rae Hoffman’s Sugarrae blog isn’t
new. In fact, it has

just turned
a year old. But somehow, it slipped past me. So being new to me,
I roll it into today’s post on new blogs on search by women! Plenty of good
reading on it, including her recent

Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview

More blogs from women? I ran down our blogroll to pull out those either run
by women, from companies owned by woman, or where women tend to do a
significant amount of
the blogging:

Need names and backgrounds of women associated with these blogs, or even more
search and marketing blogs from women? Li Evans has a continuing series on

Women Of Internet Marketing
that you should check out. It’s now into part

By the way, a note on our blogroll at Search Engine Land. I get a lot of requests to be on it.
Here’s the deal. I tend to list things we read at Search Engine Land, and we
can’t read everything. I also rarely list a brand new blog, because I like to
see them develop into solid resources before I take the time to add a link. The
very best way to get on it if you’re consistently writing content of substance.
If so, then it’s a natural fit. It’s also something I notice, so you’ll likely
get a link without even asking.

Sorry I can’t list everyone, but my primary job
is to write about search news, not ensure the world’s most comprehensive list of
search blogs. You want that — you want Lee Odden’s
Search Marketing
list, now coming up on 400 blogs.

One last tip. I remain amazed at the number of requests I get for blogroll
links where the person asking either doesn’t have a blogroll themselves or has
one but doesn’t list Search Engine Land. I will and do list people regardless of
a backlink. But it’s only polite, you know? Link onto others as
you would have them link onto you.

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