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New customer acquisition vs. retention: 7 best practices for search

Like nearly all retailers, a large health and beauty organization is facing escalating competition and CPCs on search. The performance marketing team realizes it...

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Blinkx Offers "Red Label" Video Syndication Product

Video search engine Blinkx, which has offered white label video search for some time, has introduced what it’s calling “blinkx Red Label.” It’s basically...


At enterprise companies, SEOs cannot 'do' most of the SEO (An article to forward to non-SEO teams in your company)

This is part of our series on in-house SEO in which we dig into the operational challenges and opportunities that managing search engine optimization...

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As UGC gets a pandemic bump, brands need to leverage customer content now

Driving brand awareness and conversions through user-generated content isn’t a new tactic for digital marketers, but those methods are finding new levels of success...

Webinar: An SEO guide to fixing keyword cannibalism

Search Engine Land » SEO » Webinar: An SEO guide to fixing keyword cannibalism Webinar: An SEO guide to fixing keyword cannibalism Find and resolve instances...

Free Whitepaper: Search Strategies For Retailers

Marchex and its TrafficLeader subsidiary have published the 2007 Search Marketing Insights for Retailers, a 19 page whitepaper that offers strategies for online merchants...

Facebook Tops Yahoo As No. 2 Video Site

There’s no drama or news when talking about the most popular video site on the web; that battle was won long ago by YouTube...

Supercharge your email marketing with Google AdWords

I have a confession to make. The odds of my instantly deleting one of the many marketing emails I receive each day are about as...


Microsoft Advertising's PromoteIQ integration for retailers, brands is now in beta

Retail has become a significant focus of Microsoft’s efforts to support companies’ digital transformation. It bolstered the promotion and advertising segment of its tech...

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