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Google Testing Showing Google Product Images In Search Results?

The image above shows how Google seems to be testing placing product images in lieu of the Google Product shopping bag on the web...

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Google Election Maps Gallery Offers Data For Journalists, Political Junkies

Google has been visualizing US primary election data and, in anticipation of the US presidential election, has now created a Google Maps Elections Gallery....


Snap partners with Amazon for new AR shopping experience

Search Engine Land » Platforms » Snapchat » Snap partners with Amazon for new AR shopping experience Snap partners with Amazon for new AR shopping...

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How To Get A 10x Lift In Monthly Unique Visitors

Retailers have used signage, billboards, newspapers, magazines, vehicles, buildings, radio, TV – just about every means imaginable to market their products and services. But...

Automatic Algorithms Are Fundamentally Changing The Shape of SEO

Many SEOs and SEO agencies aspire to run SEO automatically, using technology. Not surprisingly, it turns out that search engines are thinking along...

Link free or die

Why are we so afraid of links? Back in the old days of SEO, we loved any link if it was free, even if it...

Trends in paid search to watch in 2024

The digital marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly as new technologies and platforms emerge, allowing marketers to innovate and adapt their strategies to meet...

5 ways to balance technical & non-technical SEO

In SEO’s earlier days, technical SEO was largely about coding. For a fun throwback, check out this 2008 SEL article on search-friendly code by Jonathan...


The 4 big reasons agencies need marketing automation to survive

Agency life is hard. Everything is due tomorrow – or yesterday. Clients demand stellar results. Your competition is trying to underbid you. Your creative...

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