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Privacy Tuesday: New Google Privacy Video & Privacy Articles

Following on last month’s search privacy video from Google, the Google Blog announced that a new installment dealing with personalized results is now available. Meanwhile, two new articles about privacy issues and naming Google in particular have also come out today.

The video discusses how Google can use your IP address, domain, or location to better personalize your search results. The video also shows how they can use your web history to do the same. Plus, the video ends with showing how you can pause Google from recording your web history, delete specific items in your history, or completely wipe out all your web history. Here is the video:

As for the articles, Global web privacy rules needed in 5 years: Google from Reuters covers more on the push for global privacy standards Google started earlier this month.

Seeking the key to web privacy from the Financial Times takes a look at a bunch of privacy issues in relation to search.

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