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Q&A Land: New Column From Search Engine Land

One of my resolutions in starting Search Engine Land was to spend more time doing Q&As with people. There’s no better way to ensure I do that than to start a column. So I’m happy to announce that Q&A Land becomes the second column offered by Search Engine Land.

Unlike Link Week, which started this week and runs on Mondays, Q&A Land is a “floating” column. It will happen once per week, but the actual day might change.

I won’t be doing Q&A Land alone. Chris Sherman will also be writing for it, and from time-to-time we may have other guest authors. And yes, we’ll have a nifty logo coming, as we already have for Link Week.

The first official Q&A Land column is now out, Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator Of Techmeme. I say official because I’ve also now classified my Q&A With Jimmy Wales On Search Wikia article from the end of December as part of Q&A Land as well. Check them both out!

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