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Rand Fishkin's Belated SuperBowl Proposal Gets A Yes

Have you been wondering who the mystery guy was
behind plans to pop the question to
his girlfriend during a SuperBowl commercial last Sunday? Now you know —
search marketer Rand Fishkin.

Rand’s plans for the SuperBowl announcement didn’t
happen, so it was backup plan time — a commercial during one of her favorite
shows last night, Veronica Mars. And yeah, he got a yes 🙂

You can see Rand’s proposal on video

Geraldine’s incredibly surprised (and somewhat hyperventilated
reaction) is video here:

Rand’s kept her from figuring it out all this time is amazing. Rand answers some
questions about the entire proposal plans
here, including how the original
plan to have a commercial during the SuperBowl almost happened to the point of
filming a commercial, until the advertiser plugged the plug at the last minute.
The Seattle PI has a great rundown on the story

You can leave congrats at the My Super Proposal site
here — or over at the SEOmoz
. And Geraldine and Rand — congrats from all of us here at Search
Engine Land!

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