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Search Engine Land Comment Feed Now Available

Thanks everyone for all the great feedback on improving comments at Search
Engine Land, after my
yesterday. I’m taking them all on board, and feel free to add more. In
the meantime, we’ve brought up a feed of all comments posted to the site plus
tweaked the main site feed to be a bit more reader-friendly More on all this

You’ll find the comment it here:


Later I’ll get the new feed added to our main
search news feed page that
offers everything we have. I also plan to make it easier to see the most recent
comments on the site as you’re reading stories. But for now, there’s the address
for those who want comments to flow to them.

By the way, we made a change recently to our main Search Engine Land feed
(you’ll find it listed
). Sometimes stories are short enough that we sent the entire thing to
you. If there’s more to read, we now will show a "Click to continue reading…"

Previously, we had a link like that for every story, even if there was no
more to read. And yes, we’re still considering full-text feeds, as I’ve
mentioned briefly
before. SearchCap, our
daily recap, IS full-text for those who take it by feed. If you get the Search
Engine Land feed, SearchCap is included with that — and also will come to you
full-text for those particular posts.

In another tweak, we’re adding author names to our feeds, so you know who
wrote what. We use RSS 2.0, and it’s sort of annoying that it

you to give both an email address plus an author name. Like I want
to feed out email addresses to make spam harvesters even happier! Atom is better
in keeping
these separate, with email only optional.

Our solution is to use a fake email address. So heads up — it’s not going to
work. Sorry! Instead, you can contact authors via this

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