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Search Engine Property Stats: Google & Yahoo

Last night Bill Tancer complied an “extended” list of statistics and numbers on Google’s Properties, which shows the market share of all of Google’s properties as they compete with each other. With no surprise, Google’s search product captures the bulk of the share with over 78% share, followed by image search with slightly over 9% share and then Gmail with almost 5.5% share. A couple weeks back Bill published a comparison between Yahoo and Google showing a few things. (1) Google’s share as a property is growing while Yahoo’s is declining, will there be an intercept, Bill asks? (2) Yahoo’s top property is Yahoo Mail with 33% share of the overall Yahoo property, followed by Yahoo the home page with 32% and then Yahoo Search with 10.8% share. If that is not enough data for you, skip over to Heather’s post the Hitwise blog on Google and Yahoo! UK Comparison. I can honestly write on and on about these stats, so I will stop here and let you continue to explore on your own.

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