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Searcharazzi: Google Hearts DoubleClick

Searcharazzi - A Column From Search Engine Land

Searcharazzi asks: Why must all the good rumors come out on Friday afternoon?

Today’s announcement that Google has indeed acquired DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in cold hard cash puts to shame even the juiciest details from this week’s SES New York show – from Reprise Media’s announcement that it was picked up by IPG to the pole dancing on the Epiar party bus shuttling guests to the Vintage Tub & Bath Bacchanalia Tuesday night. (More on that later.)

But back to the “Google hearts DoubleClick” saga. Perhaps Searcharazzi should have been tipped off when Google moved its swank New York offices to 311,000 square fee of space inside 111 Eighth Avenue – the very same building occupied by DoubleClick. It just seemed a bit too close for comfort.

Post acquisition, it is now clear that the engine not only has some serious adserving capabilities, but it now gets a few extra floors in New York’s most wired building. Oh yes, and don’t forget the “cultural” reasons.

Now that we have that out of our system, Searcharazzi hears that yet another SEM is actively being shopped around. We’ll give you a few clues: Raised a round of VC, pumped out heavy marketing, wasted a round of VC, lost its east coast employees, made a small turnaround…well then again…that could be just about anyone. (snark, snark.)

While you are trying to figure that one out, what exactly did go on in that Epiar party bus? True that one editor showed off some skills? Please do tell.

On Thursday, it appears that while most of the search guys were scarfing down lunch boxes, the women of Search and two male infiltrators had a lunch meeting a few blocks uptown. Appropriately, the accused include SEO Fan Guy David Temple and a gentleman suggesting that he was there for journalistic reasons. Hmm.

Speaking of supposedly secret meetings, Searcharazzi hears that the SEMPO in-house meeting was also crashed. In this case, a few vendor reps thought they would get in on the free beers at the Players’ House.

That’s a wrap for us this week. Feel free to share your SES scoop in the comments section below.

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