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Searcharazzi: Last Time, on Yahoo! Executive Survivor…

Searcharazzi - A Column From Search Engine Land

Coleman is out, and president Sue Decker rises to the top. Hilary Schneider (is it possible that she is Decker’s long lost twin?) smugly rules ad sales and partnerships (Global Partner Solutions), leaving Jeff Weiner to run content (Yahoo! Network Division). According to a Valleywag tipster, these two hate each other’s guts.

Ok, they didn’t say that. But they did point out that Weiner had won back the territories that Schneider had briefly run, resulting in a year-over-year revenue drop of 10-15%. However, Weiner must “partner” with Schneider for any real deals. One can only imagine the boardroom meeting where lands were divided and the treaty was drawn. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Greg Sterling offers very detailed notes of the drama.

Searcharazzi, on the other hand, goes straight to nasty blog comments to see how employees, former employees, and people with way too much time have been fueling this fire. Our favorite to date comes from Kara Swisher’s editorial picks.

Now we’ve got a CEO who has never been CEO before (Jerry Yang). A COO with limited operations experience (Sue Decker). A CFO who has never been a CFO in his life (Blake Jorgensen) and an EVP of Ad Sales with no sales experience (Hilary Schneider). Next, I think we’ll hire a CTO who is well versed in arts and culture with no prior tech experience (Still a mystery)

Speaking of the powers that be, it has been widely assumed that Decker will eventually take on the CEO title as well. So what might be next for CEO Yang? Rumors are circulating that he is joining his co-founder to build up the new inflatable balloon division. Or maybe that’s some more hot reorganization air.

Now for a word of advice to all of those teary Yahoo! underlings who have spent their summer both polishing the resume and watching their backs as their bosses fall from high. Check out KickStart, your firm’s latest social networking effort. You just might score a new job.

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