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Searcharazzi: Where to get the best scoop at SES San Jose

Searcharazzi - A Column From Search Engine Land

Face it, sessions are great for learning, but no place to get good scoop. For those heading to San Jose, mother of all Search Engine Strategies shows, here is a cheat sheet on where to get the best scoop. I leave it to the spies to leave good stuff in the comments.

The Pre-Pre-Party. Could it be true that the drinking (and gossip) will start as early as Saturday, August 18th at a bar called The Liberties in San Francisco? Clearly veterans and locals with enough dirt to start a garden.

The Women’s Luncheon. There are a reported 50-60 women gathering on Monday for lunch, which undoubtedly means that there will be some serious dishing. We would try to get in, but afraid of the gender check at the door. Tips from infiltrators and spies are more than welcome.

Monday Afternoon at the San Jose Convention Center. The alcohol will flow freely for speakers from 4:30-6:00pm on a lovely terrace, at which point a good number will head over to the open bar at the SEMPO The Search is Right Night. If we’ve done our math right, five beers is definitely enough to get tongues wagging.

The 6th Annual Google Dance. Ok, so it’s not so much scoop as it is fun to see your straight-laced colleagues, boss, clients and employees Rock it at the Google Dance. Digital cameras are a must for this event. And remember, what goes on the web, stays on the web.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Private Parties. We’d say more, but, uh, they’re private.

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