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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 3, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Will Utah’s New
    Trademark Bill Stop Competitive Keyword Buys?

    Wow. Via Techdirt, news from the EFF that the Utah legislature has passed a
    Trademark Protection Act law preventing people from buying ads linked to terms
    that are also trademarks of others. The Trademark Blog notes the law probably
    violates the US Constitution. Certainly it will be hard to enforce….
  • Preliminary
    Scorecard: How Effective Is Yahoo’s Panama Upgrade?

    The world of search marketing is divided into two types of people, it seems:
    Those who have never actually used Yahoo’s new Panama sponsored search upgrade
    and never will; and those who are in knee deep working on their accounts, and
    want to find out how other fellow marketers…
  • Live Search
    Maps Adds New Features And Firefox 3D Support

    Microsoft added a range of new features to Live Search Maps, including Firefox
    support for Virtual Earth 3D. Some of the new capabilities are live right now
    and some are going live later today. Below is a list of the new tools and
    features and their descriptions from the distributed…
  • Ranking The SEO
    Ranking Factors

    Back in 2005, SEOmoz tried to assemble a list of all the possible search
    engine ranking factors out there and get various experts to rate them. I say
    tried to because while they had a list, and ratings, no one knows all the
    factors or exactly how each individual search…
  • Ask Ramps Up
    The Mystery Ads

    First in the UK, Ask rolled out a guerilla marketing campaign aimed at
    sparking an "information revolution" to choose Ask over Google. Now a
    different yet still mysterious campaign is underway in the US by Ask.
    Valleywag reports about billboards on Highway 101 between San Francisco and
    San Jose saying…
  • Snakes On A

    We noted the great Google python rampage in headlines yesterday, but the story
    continues. Since it’s a slow news day, so why not. On April 1, the python pet
    of a Google employee in New York got loose. No joke. The python was found
    yesterday, and no one was harmed….
  • MSN Gets The
    Message: Don’t Prefill The Search Box

    I’m still waiting for the promised official response from Microsoft about the
    entire prefilling of the search box thing that happened at MSN UK, as we wrote
    about last week. But via Threadwatch, MSN UK apparently has a blog about the
    — yes — MSN UK home page. There, MSN…
  • The Four
    Returns Of Social Media Marketing

    There are essentially four different types of return that you can expect from
    a successful social media marketing campaign: links, mindshare/branding, sales
    and consumer interaction. Below, a look at each type of return and how you can
    tap into it, depending on your goals….
  • The Impending
    Social Search Inflection Point

    Search has changed. Online consumer information retrieval has reached another
    inflexion point – a shift from pure algorithmic search to social search.
    Searchers have become increasingly sophisticated, and basic algorithmic web
    results are getting diluted out of most mainstream search experiences such as
    Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Ask. Search…
  • Google TV Ads:
    Google Brings Auction Model To TV Advertising

    Rumored and written about for several weeks, Google is in fact launching a
    beta trial of TV ads with cable company Astound and satellite TV provider
    Echostar, which owns Dish Network. Astound operates in selected cities in
    Northern California. But Dish Network is national. Interestingly, Dish Network
    is highly interactive,…
  • Search Month:
    March 2007 Search News, In Review

    Search Month is a monthly newsletter that recaps stories covered on Search
    Engine Land over the past month. It’s also available by feed here. Below, news
    about Search Engine Land itself, then our 10 most popular stories written last
    month, then a major story for various search marketing topics along…

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