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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 5, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Yahoo Search
    Marketing To Shorten Ad Descriptions In June

    Yahoo has announced that they will be shortening the length of search ad
    descriptions from a maximum of 190 characters to 75 characters. Starting in
    May 2007, Yahoo Search Marketing will require you to fill out a "short
    description" that would be the default ad text source. In June 2007,…
  • Smarter’s
    Product Video Reviews

    Smarter’s video product reviews are a very entertaining and useful product
    research tool. As Smarter’s product evangelist Paul Willmes said, "the reviews
    are by people who actually own [the product] which makes it more real. It
    makes the opinion more valuable, like a friend giving you advice.”…
  • Google AdWords
    Adds Impression Share Metric

    Vinny Lingham reports finding a new metric on his Google AdWords console named
    Impression Share. Impression Share is a statistic available at both the
    campaign and account level:…
  • SEO Is Easy?
    Let’s Look At The Hard 5 Percent

    The SEO world has always had its supporters and its detractors, and it’s never
    made a great deal of difference. The bigger battles often waged within the
    community between the whitehats and blackhats. The whitehats would rant and
    rave about how the blackhats could get clients in trouble and…
  • AdSense Units
    Get Bigger Google Logo

    A fresh, new look for AdSense ads from Google’s Inside AdSense blog makes it
    official. The new AdSense displays that have been in testing from last month,
    with the "Ads by Google" much more prominent in the lower right-hand corner?
    They’re here to stay….
  • Cost Of
    Protecting GOOG Chief: $1/2 Million

    Google’s top execs taking salaries of only $1 is old news. The cost of
    protecting them, especially Google CEO Eric Schmidt, is considerably more.
    Over half a million dollars, $532,755 to be exact, to protect Schmidt. That’s
    according to company’s latest financial filings, reports the New York
  • Free Page
    Creator Tools From The Big Three: Trash or Treasure?

    Have a small business in need of a website, but no budget for professional
    design services? Yahoo, Google and Microsoft all offer free small business
    site creation tools that can help you develop a professional online presence.
    Keep reading for an in-depth review of what Office Live Basics, Google…
  • WSJ Covers
    Ask.com’s "Information Revolution" Ad Campaign

    Ask.Com’s ‘Revolt’ Risks Costly Clicks from the Wall Street Journal weighs in
    on the Ask.com guerrilla marketing campaign we covered last month, especially
    focusing on the negative comments that have appeared on the associated web
    site. The article also highlighting the television commercials now airing.
    I’ve seen these myself…
  • Google My Maps:
    Mashups For The Masses

    Google has just launched "My Maps," an impressively simple tool within Google
    Maps that allows users to create personal "mashups" and save or share those
    with friends or the world at large. A range of formatting options enables the
    maps to be highly customized and include images or video. Maps…
  • Surveys: SEM,
    Online Marketing And Advertiser Attitudes

    A trio of advertiser and merchant-related surveys bubbled up (or bubbled up to
    me via an email from Danny) earlier today. They all in one way or another
    discuss search marketing and/or traffic driving strategies and online
    spending. There’s a lot of interesting data here for consumption. There are
  • DoubleClick
    Establishing Nasdaq-Like Ad Exchange

    The New York Times is reporting that DoubleClick is setting up an
    auction-based ad exchange, a "mix of eBay and Sabre, the airline reservations
    system that travel agents use." "The service will let advertisers see
    information about what competitors bid for particular ads, in the same way
    that eBay shows…
  • Yahoo Testing
    Alpha (Beta) Multi Search

    Spotted via Micro Persuasion and Digital Inspiration, Yahoo’s just launched
    Alpha (in beta version, natch). Both of the aforementioned blogs call Alpha a
    customized search engine similar to Google Custom Search Engine, but Alpha is
    really more of a multi-search tool that submits your query to multiple sources
    and aggregates…

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