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SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 6, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google: Master
    Of Closing The Loop?

    I gave SEO Book’s Aaron Wall a big mention for his piece on trust earlier this
    week, but he’s got another post out now that deserves as much attention:
    Google as the Invisible Hand of the Online Economy. In it, he covers things
    such as how by being everywhere, Google…
  • Google Exec On
    Board Of Company That Might Pollute Google Results

    Bottom Slurping for Google Juice from Kate Kaye ClickZ is a fairly
    jaw-dropping story of Associated Content, a site cofounded by Google vice
    president of advertising sales Tim Armstrong, that might very well be
    generating the type of AdSense-powered crud that pollutes Google and other
    search engines as I…
  • AFP & Google
    Settle Over Google News Copyright Case

    The most significant copyright case against Google News, that filed by Agence
    France-Presse back in March 2005, has now ended. Google has signed a licensing
    agreement with AFP that settles the suit. News from the AFP here. The
    statement from both companies has the usual spin that this is about…
  • A "New Deal"
    For Online News & Search Engines?

    Investment pundits have been scratching their heads this week over billionaire
    investor Sam Zell’s $8.2-billion purchase of Tribune Corp., publisher of the
    Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, and owner of other old-media
    properties. Newspapers have been bleeding cash and losing both money and
    eyeballs to online news, job and…
  • Shareholders To
    Vote On Google Censorship In China

    Google Faces Pressure Over Censorship from WebProNews reports that Google’s
    shareholders will have the right to vote at the upcoming annual meeting on the
    issue of censorship in China and other "abusive regimes." Marketwatch and
    BetaNews both also have earlier coverage….
  • Google China
    Releases Labs Product Very Similar To Sohu.com’s Sogou

    Google evades question about software similarities from InfoWorld reports that
    Google is under scrutiny on their release of a Pinyin Input Method Editor (IME).
    The IME is a Google China labs product that enables "users to enter Chinese
    characters by typing their Pinyin equivalents on a standard QWERTY keyboard."
  • No Win Against
    Google For Party That Opted-Out Of Click Fraud Settlement

    Google AdWords Contract Upheld (Again)–Feldman v. Google from Eric Goldman
    reports that Google has won a case against the one of the 556 plaintiffs that
    opted out of the Google click fraud settlement." Here are some key points I
    want to pull out from this:…
  • Teaching Google
    To See Images

    "Image search" is really something of a misnomer, because current generation
    search engines rely primarily on text to "understand" all types of content,
    including images. When you search for images on Google, Flickr or most other
    search engines, they aren’t examining the pixels that make up images. Instead,
    search engines…
  • Google AdWords
    Goes Yellow & Changes On Click Event

    The Google AdWords Blog just announced that they have made two changes on how
    the top sponsored listings in the Google search results are handled. (1) A
    color change from a blue background to a yellow background was pushed through
    today after much testing. (2) Now you have to click…
  • Del.icio.us
    Improves Firefox Bookmarks Extension

    The del.icio.us blog announced an upgrade to their Firefox extension that
    enables the easy bookmarking of pages. The changes include: Searching and
    browsing your bookmarks can be done directly in your Firefox browser You can
    edit your bookmarks within Firefox You can define which tags to display in the
  • Search In
    Pictures: New Column From Search Engine Land

    Last week, Barry Schwartz tried a new idea of showing what was happening in
    the world of search based on pictures he found on the web. You liked it enough
    that we’ve decided to make it a formal column called Search In Pictures, which
    will run on Fridays here…
  • Search In
    Pictures: Food, Sharks, Monkeys & God

    In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the
    web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play,
    who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have and more….

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