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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 12, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • What Google
    Can’t Do

    There’s an amusing item over at the Google Operating System (Unofficial news
    and tips about Google) weblog on What Google Can’t Do, and screenshots are
    included. The things that Google can’t do include translation, mail, blogs,
    news, ads and a few other things as well. It’s a very tongue in cheek piece,
    and it should give even the most dedicated fan of Google a wry grin….
  • Simple Ways To
    Get Into Local Search

    Matt McGee writes 8 Simple Steps to Make a Page More "Local" at Search Engine
    Guide. The tips to get into local search, in short, place your address and
    phone number on your pages, ensure your contact us has your address, make a
    page for directions with written out directions, link to Google and Yahoo
    maps, include your geographic location in the title tag, list the locations
    your business services and link to your geo-specific pages with descriptive
    geo-specific anchor text….
  • AOL Has
    "Safest" Results & Free Results Safer Than Paid

    A new survey from McAfee finds that AOL has the "safest" search results in
    terms of not listing sites that might be somehow be risky or unsafe for
    searchers. But most interesting to me was the fact paid results across the
    board were found far riskier than free, organic results. Let’s do the numbers,
    some summary plus tools that will help protect you and how to see if Google
    thinks you’ve been naughty….
  • State
    Department Uses Google In Cracking Down On Terrorists

    Techdirt comments on a Washington Post article named Seeking Iran
    Intelligence, U.S. Tries Google. The article shows how when the CIA turned
    down the State Departments request for information on who to put on their
    banned list of Iranians, the State Department turned to Google for the
    information. The State Department figured that "those with the most hits under
    search terms such as "Iran and nuclear", became targets for international
    rebuke Friday when a sanctions resolution circulated at the United Nations."
    Techdirt said it "seems bizarre to think that the best way to determine
    dangerous people is to do a…
  • Google Updates
    Google Finance Home Page

    The Google Finance home page has a new look this morning. All the details of
    what is new is currently at What’s new on Google Finance page. The new
    features include: Market Summary Sector summary Top movers Category pages
    Enhanced portfolios 40 years of historical stock data (launched a week or so
    ago) And more… Postscript: The Google Blog just posted an announcement on
    Google Finance, with a link to a YouTube video….
  • Yahoo Opens
    Panama To New Customer Sign Ups

    Yahoo has opened up sign ups to the new "Panama" (i.e. Yahoo Search Marketing
    2.0) to all new customers. When Panama was released, on October 17, 2006, sign
    ups were only available to some existing customers. Yahoo then opened it to
    all existing customers first via invite only and then on a wider scale. Yahoo
    surprised me with this announcement, I did not think they would open it up to
    new advertisers until the beginning of 2007. In any event, it is now open and
    new advertisers can sign up here, if you are an existing advertiser and want
  • Google Patents
    Search Results Page

    Google patented "Graphical User Interface" from Dirson notes that Google was
    granted a patent today on its "graphical user interface" that most of us would
    call its search results page. Perhaps that might stop some of the copying
    going on! Seriously, I can’t find enough about the patent to see how extensive
    it might be or what exactly it covers. You’ll find the actual filing here.
    Bill Slawski might be along in a bit to dig deeper into the patent. Here are
    the three screenshots from the filing:…
  • Google Copies
    Yahoo’s IE7 Page; Originality War Breaks Out!

    Google Blatantly Copies Yahoo!? from Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny makes a pretty
    damning case against Google for blatantly ripping off Yahoo’s Internet
    Explorer 7 promo copy. Yahoo offers a custom version of IE7 via a pitch page
    you’ll see here. Google appears to have launched its own pitch page yesterday,
    one that was amazingly similar in look and feel to Yahoo’s. Jeremy has the
    side-by-side photos of how the pages looked. Google’s page has since changed.
    In many places, the copy was either identical or the word Yahoo was simply
    swapped for Google….
  • Google Puts
    Clickfraud Rate At Under 2 Percent

    Andy Beal over at MarketingPilgrim has a nice article on how Google’s click
    fraud rate is less than two percent, at least according to Google’s own
    figures. This is based off the "invalid" click rate that Google gave him,
    which includes click fraud and clicks that aren’t actually billed. I could
    have sworn that Google had given this type of invalid rate before but can’t
    track that down — so that definitely seems new. The idea that Google
    self-reports a click fraud rate far below that of some third party estimates
    is definitely not. Here’s a dive into Andy’s article,…

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere:

NOTE: It’s an extra long list as I’ve done some catch-up from items last

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