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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 13, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • AOL’s Top
    Searches Of 2006

    Gary Price reports that AOL has released their top searches of 2006. The
    results are categorized by "Overall Search," "Video Search," and "People
    Search." Top overall search is "Weather," the top video search is "iPod" and
    the top people search is "Paris Hilton." You can find the results over
  • MySpace Passes
    Yahoo In Page Views But Not Audience

    I’ve been waiting for comScore to publicly post figures on November 2006
    traffic before pointing to the news of MySpace topping Yahoo in terms of page
    views. But everyone’s getting into it, so I’ll pass it along now as well….
  • Revisiting
    Google’s 2 Percent Or Less Click Fraud Rate

    Earlier this week, we covered how MarketingPilgrim reported news widely cited
    as Google confirming a clickfraud rate of 2 percent or less. Via Matt Cutts,
    Google’s Shuman Ghosemajumder, business product manager for trust & safety,
    clarifies things on his own blog in Google, Click Fraud, and Invalid Clicks.
    Below, a look at that, along with some definitions of clicks I think will help
    and how the detected click fraud rate for Google might be as low as 0.2
    percent of all clicks….
  • Microsoft
    adCenter $50 Promotional Code For New Advertisers

    The folks at Microsoft adCenter sent me a promotional code for our readers
    here. A $50 promo code is available to all new advertisers, valid through
    1/15/07. The promo code is SEL1206 and here are the terms and conditions….
  • Yahoo Answers
    Birthday: One Year Old

    Yahoo Answers, arguably one of Yahoo’s most successful products of the year,
    has turned one today. Yahoo has listed The Best of Answers 2006 showing off
    some of the best user generated questions and answers for the year. You can
    get a free gift from Yahoo for their birthday over here. They give you a
    different gift based on your "levels." Since I am a level one, I do not get a
    gift. Gifts Include: Level 2: Yahoo! Answers sticker Level 3: Yahoo! Answers
    car magnet Level 4: Yahoo! Answers water bottle Level 5: Yahoo! Answers hat
    Level 6: Yahoo!…
  • Yahoo Search
    Update; Google Data Flux & Should We Have Holiday Updates?

    Yahoo Search is currently undergoing a new index and ranking update. I first
    reported it at Search Engine Roundtable and then the Yahoo Search Blog posted
    on it saying it should be done this morning. On the Google front, there is
    still chatter in the forums about a possible Google update. Google’s Matt
    Cutts debunked the update, calling it "normal flux," but some people are
    skeptical. Finally, I wrote a piece at my personal blog called Should Search
    Engines Update Search Results During Holiday Season? about the issue of
    whether updates shouldn’t happen during holidays….
  • Google Custom
    Search Engine Eases Collaboration Process

    The Google Custom Search Blog announces new features that help you communicate
    and collaborate with those individuals who want to help improve your Google
    Custom Search Engine. The improvements include: View email addresses of new
    and old contributors Email announcements of accepted invitations to contribute
    View sites each contributor added to your custom search engine…
  • Google
    Newspaper Ads Run Again

    PPC Discussion updates us that his newspaper ad that Google is testing with
    him and hundreds of other advertisers is currently running now in 78
    newspapers. The test run of Google Print Ads is between the dates of 11/29/06
    and 12/21/06, and the ads are to be placed in newspapers such as Chicago
    Tribune, Boston Herald, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, and many others. PPC
    Discussions said he would share the results of the test newspaper ad run with
    us, so I will track it and let you know what he reports….
  • IBM & Yahoo To
    Offer Free Enterprise Search

    IBM and Yahoo double team Google from Reuters covers how IBM and Yahoo are to
    offer free enterprise search to businesses. The story talks about this as a
    challenge to Google and others, but Google remains itself very much a
    challenger in the enterprise search space (see here and here). Google’s
    enterprise search solutions cost money, unusual for most Google products. A
    free IBM-Yahoo product should put pressure there, assuming the free version.
    I’ll update with more information from IBM and Yahoo when released.
    Postscript: You can find the software, IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition, here.
    Press release is below:…
  • South Korea’s
    Portal, Daum, To Run Google AdSense

    Forbes reports that Daum, South Korea’s second largest portal, is going to be
    going with Google when their contract expires with Yahoo (Overture) in
    January. Google’s vice president of Asia Pacific and Latin America operations,
    Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, said "Daum is Google’s longest-standing partner in
    Korea, and we are pleased to build on our alliance by connecting Korean
    Internet users worldwide to a wealth of new content." Google and Daum
    previously had a relationship starting back in 2003, when Daum syndicated
    Google search technology….
  • Google Employee
    Allowed To Auction Stock Options

    About Transferable Stock Options at the Official Google Blog covers how Google
    is now allowing most of its employees to auction off their stock options to
    financial institutions through a bidding process. Previously, employees could
    either hold their options or sell them directly themselves. The idea is that
    the bidding process might help employees get a better price on their shares
    than if they sold directly, if particular institutions wanted to pay a
    premium. That’s especially helpful for employees with options to purchase
    shares at a price higher or near some of Google’s current record level
  • Google Toolbar
    For Firefox 3.0 Adds Great Features

    Google Operating System reports that Google released a new toolbar for Firefox.
    The toolbar has many of the features of the Internet Explorer version but also
    has some features of its own. My favorite new feature is the ability to drag a
    file on your browser and it automatically add it to Google Docs &
    Spreadsheets, the supported file types include; doc, rtf, odf, sxw, cls, ods,
    and csv. Other features include custom buttons, a "Send To" that sends web
    pages via email, text message (SMS), or blog, Google Bookmarks integration and
    Google Account Sign-in. A full feature list can…
  • Munch’s Scream
    As Google Logo

    I don’t normally bother mentioning Google’s special logos (I love them, but
    there are so many). However, I’m a big fan of the Scream by Edvard Munch. In
    honor of his birthday, Google is showing a Googlefied-Scream today. I can just
    see all those who fear Google becoming too dominant having a good time with
    this one. If you like Google logo stuff, be sure to see the Google Holiday
    Logo page, current through Oct. 31 of this year. You might also like my Google
    Logos At Google Kirklandplex post at my personal blog interesting. It shows
    some of…

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