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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 14, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google’s Picasa
    Add Photo Search & Other Features

    The Google blog announced that Picasa, Google’s photo sharing application, now
    enables you to search photos. You can search your own or your friends’ public
    albums captions, album titles, and album descriptions. Picasa also added the
    ability to print your pictures with Shutterfly or PhotoWorks and a feature to
    enable you to upload your videos for easy sharing in Picasa….
  • Google & NASA
    To Release More Space Images & Searching Tools?

    SpaceRef.com reports that Google and NASA are to make an announcement
    tomorrow. The details of the announcement are not clear, but I would speculate
    that NASA has provided Google with more detailed imagery and data points so
    that Google can improve Google Earth. There is currently Google Earth, Google
    Moon, and Google Mars. What do you think is coming next? Enhanced imagery?
    Better data points? Google Pluto? Google Deep Space? SpaceRef.com writes that
    it has learned that the "agreement represents a significant advance for how
    the agency might collaborate with the private sector in the future –
    specificially as to…
  • First Webinar
    Next Week: How to Find the Right Search Marketing Partner

    Just a quick reminder that the first webinar from our sister site Search
    Marketing Now happens next week. It’s called How to Find the Right Search
    Marketing Partner, led by Chris Sherman and happening on Tuesday, December 19
    at 1pm Eastern time. The webcast is free to attend. You’ll find more
    information and registration info here….
  • AT&T Tests
    Ad-Supported Directory Assistance (Mobile Local Search)

    AT&T is launching an ad-supported directory assistance (DA) service through
    the phone number 1-800- YellowPages (1-800-935-5697). Right now it’s available
    in three markets: Bakersfield, CA.; Oklahoma City, OK; and Columbus, Ohio.
    Described as a "controlled trial," it’s not clear yet if the service will roll
    out nationally. However, I would assume so eventually….
  • Microsoft China
    To Display Baidu’s Search Ads

    MarketWatch reports that Microsoft and Baidu struck a deal where Baidu will be
    powering the paid search ads at Microsoft’s MSN, Live.com and other China
    based services. Again, Baidu is to power Microsoft’s ads in China, not the
    other way around. Baidu has the official press release. From the top of
  • Comptroller Of
    NYC, Thompson, Pressures Google & Yahoo Over Censorship In China

    The NY Sun reports that William Thompson Jr., the current comptroller of New
    York City, has been pressuring Google and Yahoo over operating ethically and
    legally overseas. Thompson "filed shareholder resolutions calling on the two
    search engines to create practices for dealing with censorship issues in
    communist countries like China, North Korea, and Cuba, as well as other
    "authoritarian" regimes including Iran, Syria, Burma, and Egypt." He wants
    Google and Yahoo not to do "proactive censorship."…
  • Google
    Advertisers Take On Audio & Print Ads

    A Wall Street Journal article named Google Tests New Ad Offerings — But Will
    Advertisers Follow? looks at various types of advertisers reactions to
    Google’s efforts to expand to print and audio ads. I’ll put out some quotes
    for you on this: The success of Google’s efforts to persuade Mr. Cohen and his
    counterparts [Google AdWords Advertisers] to shift more ad dollars to its new
    offerings are crucial to the company’s success in expanding beyond advertising
    linked to Web-search results. It’s not just big marketers who need to be
    persuaded — the company will be focusing a good part of…
  • AOL Video
    Search Sued By Evel Knievel For Distributing Kanye West’s Music Video

    Steve Bryant reports that Evel Knievel has sued not only Kanye West for making
    a music video that allegedly infringes on his likeness but has also sued AOL
    for helping distribute that video. AOL Video Search had clips of the music
    video come up for searches on "Evel Knievel." When AOL was given the suit,
    they removed the music video they apparently hosted but it still comes up
    hosted elsewhere in their crawler-based search results. Oh, and Steve posted a
    YouTube video of the music video, I kinda like it. :)…
  • Live Local
    (Virtual Earth) Adds Easier Birds Eye View & Distance Drawing Tool

    Gary Price spotted a Windows Live Local Blog update announcing new features
    added to Windows Live Local (aka Virtual Earth). There are two main features:
    (1) You can navigate the maps in birds eye view, as you would in street or
    trips view. You simply can drag the map, zoom, using the same inset map
    construct as the other views. (2) You can draw a line from point A to point B
    on the map and the map will tell you the distance of that line. FYI, Measure
    Regions With Google Planimeter at Google Blogoscoped covers a third party
  • Google Launches
    Google Patents, Full-Text US Patent Searching

    Google has rolled out a new Google Patents search engine (Official Google Blog
    post here), allowing people to search across the full-text of US patents from
    1790 through the middle of 2006. The company plans to update the service
    further with more 2006 filings and move to a weekly or better refresh schedule
    in the future. US patents can already be searched by the general public using,
    among other resources, the search service provided by the US Patent &
    Trademark Office. So why bother with a new service from Google? "We’ve really
    applied the Google experience to it. It’s easier…
  • Search Engine
    Land Stats: December 2006 Preview

    I’ve been trained from internet birth that site stats are a precious thing,
    never to be shared. Well, not trained, but somehow I got it in my head. It’s
    somewhat silly, given that any site that carries advertising often reveals
    this information in their media kit anyway. With Search Engine Land being all
    new, a virtual restart for me, I thought it would be fun to share site stats
    on the site each month, to talk about how it hopefully grows. I’ll do this at
    the beginning of each month, to cover the previous one. But I wanted to

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