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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 18, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • WSJ Bearish On
    Google? If Only 60% Growth Is Bearish…

    I’m seeing tons of references to a Wall Street Journal article saying Google’s
    earnings might slow, which seems related to Google’s stock also having dropped
    by nearly $8 so far today. If so, that’s a lot of tumble for ONE analyst firm
    stating the obvious. I’m pretty sure that Google itself has said that you
    can’t expect it to keep skyrocketing in growth as it has been going forward.
    That’s sort of a natural progression for any new business, so you’d think
    stating the obvious would be clear to potential investors and shareholders.
    However, the WSJ article doesn’t really focus…
  • Google & NASA
    Partner To Make NASA’s Data More Accessible

    NASA has posted a press release that covers new details about the Google /
    NASA partnership announced earlier this year. In short, Google is going to
    bring in real-time weather information for Earth into Google Earth, plus make
    Google Moon and Google Mars more detailed with high-resolution 3-D imagery. In
    addition, they will explore more ways make NASA’s data more accessible in the
    future. Finally, the release also discusses sharing knowledge on "large-scale
    data management and massively distributed computing, to human-computer
    interfaces" between the two organizations….
  • Top Google
    Search Terms Of 2006

    I went looking for Google’s top terms of 2006 today after seeing that some of
    them had been leaked to the UK press. Nothing public was up on either the
    Google press releases page (no surprise, typically hours behind when Google
    actually releases news) or the main Google Zeitgeist page or the 2006 page. I
    should have remembered to do what Garett Rogers thought of — follow the
    regular URL patterns from past years to see if they’d been posted but not
    publicized. Nice job, Garett. Google Zeitgeist 2006 is live. Top terms for
    2006 were:…
  • Google Explains
    AdWords Trademark Policies

    In a two part post at the AdWords blog, Google has added more detail to their
    trademark policies. In part one, Google explains how trademark owners can
    prevent use of their trademarks in AdWords and how they can exclude some
    advertisers from the trademark policy. In part two, Google explains how
    advertisers can request to use certain restricted trademarks in AdWords….
  • UTube Monetizes
    Mistaken YouTube Traffic

    Philipp Lenssen takes a look at how UTube changed their approach on their suit
    against YouTube. Philipp notes that when you arrive at UTube.com you now see a
    search box with suggested search terms below the box. When you search or click
    on the suggested search terms you are taken to ads by SearchFeed. In addition,
    if you click on the UTube logo you are taken to a whats hot page with more of
    these searches. I wonder how well UTube is doing on this recent influx of
    70,000+ unique people per day….
  • Trademark
    Infringement Case Against Yahoo In Google AdWords Dismissed

    Steve Bryant reports that the case against Yahoo, brought by JP Enterprises
    for trademark infringement on the terms lovecity and lovecity.com have been
    dismissed with prejudice. Back in mid-June, the case was first filed against
    Yahoo and other companies for bidding on the brand name. Yahoo’s nor JP
    Enterprises’ attorneys responded to any comments about the case and why it was
    dismissed. It appears that there was some type of settlement, since the case
    can later be filed again….
  • New York Times
    On Buzz Search

    Brands for the Chattering Masses from the New York Times covers a search
    engine most people can’t afford, the "buzz" search that Nielsen BuzzMetrics
    operates, along with those from others. The idea is that these services can
    scan what’s being posted on the web, in blogs and elsewhere, and generate buzz
    reports for companies. Personally, I’ve been pretty dubious of the attention
    that goes into buzz reporting tools like these, wondering if they aren’t going
    to be too heavily skewed by what "influencers" are writing about rather than
    actual opinion. It’s useful to know what the influences are saying….
  • Google Acquired
    Endoxon: Geo Mapping Software

    Google Operating Systems reports that Google has acquired Endoxon, a company
    that specializes in internet mapping solutions. Google actually did not
    acquire the whole company, but rather just half of the business units,
    including internet, mapping and data processing business units. They were
    acquired because "Endoxon’s assets and its European network bolster
    engineering and technical resources for Google. This acquisition of Endoxon
    will enable us to leverage their analysis capabilities and will help us build
    out and improve the functionality of Google Earth and Google Maps across
    Europe." Postscript: The Google blog posted an entry on this acquisition,
    adding; The…
  • Yahoo Names
    Nash New Chief Communications Officer

    Valleywag noted earlier this month that Yahoo chief communication officer
    Chris Castro had been quietly dropped from Yahoo’s management page. Her
    replacement has now been named, Jill Nash, who starts on January 16 of next
    year. Nash previously was vice president of global communications for Gap. Her
    predecessor Castro had held the position for nearly five years, since March
  • Google In
    Russia & Europe: The International Challenge

    Two articles out today highlight Google’s not all powerful in every market. In
    Russia and some other countries, Google is fighting to gain share. New to
    Russia, Google Struggles to Find Its Footing from the New York Times shows
    that Google is number eight in Russia, where Yandex leads the pack, followed
    by Rambler. The rest of the engines all share only 9% of the search ad revenue
    in the Russian market. Why is Google lagging behind there? Most cite language
    and cultural issues, despite Sergey Brin being born in Russia. European search
    engines take on Google from the International…
  • Yahoo Says No
    Directory Tag Coming January 2007

    I reported this morning at Search Engine Roundtable that Tim Mayer from Yahoo
    posted in a WebmasterWorld thread saying support for a "No Yahoo Directory"
    tag will be coming this January. A No Yahoo Directory tag will enable
    webmasters to tell Yahoo not to use their Yahoo Directory title in the search
    results. Yahoo began supporting the No Open Directory (noodp) tag on October
    25 and promised us that they would support the no Yahoo directory tag
    equivalent sometime in the near future….
  • Decipho
    Personalized Search Engine

    Decipho officially launched on December 14th after having been available since
    October. It’s an interesting search engine because it takes the concept of
    social search another stage further, while at the same time offering very
    useful personalisation. There are lots of things that you can do with it, but
    I would recommend registering and then uploading a list of your bookmarks to
    start you off. Unfortunately these have to be from your browser, rather than
    any other bookmarking services at the moment. Once you’ve done that, take a
    look at the search interface itself. Very straightforward, following the
    Google model…
  • Yoople For
    Collaborative Searching

    Yoople is a collaborative search engine that I discovered over the weekend.
    Very simple idea – run your search and Yoople grabs results from Yahoo and
    displays the first 10 for you on the screen. You can then click and drag a
    result and place it in a different position in the top 10 if you think the
    result should be higher or lower than Yahoo has placed it. It’s a nice idea in
    theory, but when it comes down to the practicalities I’m less convinced. It
    would be lovely if we all lived in a world where everyone does…
  • ‘Reverse
    Engineering’ Google Local Results

    Search engine marketer Mike Blumenthal on his blog, "Understanding Google Maps
    & Yahoo Local," has been doing an interesting investigation to try and
    understand the Google Maps and local search algorithm and what factors
    influence those rankings. As a basic matter, Google uses different algorithms
    for general and local search results. I spoke with Mike on Friday, and he said
    that one of the surprising takeaways from his ongoing research is that Google
    also appeared to be using different factors to determine results in the top
    three local results that appear on Google.com ("OneBox") and the rankings of
    results that…
  • Google & Orange
    Talking Google Mobile Phone?

    The future for Orange could soon be Google in your pocket from The Observer
    talks about Google and mobile phone operator Orange apparently discussing the
    creation of a Google branded phone. I can’t feel there might be a bit of hype
    here leaking from the Orange side. Google has a very tight partnership with
    Orange competitor T-Mobile in the UK. Google’s preloaded on all those phones
    as a search default, plastered in T-Mobile brochures and so on. One quote
    especially makes me dubious: A source close to the talks told The Observer:
    ‘Google are software experts and are doing some…
  • You (& Sort Of
    YouTube) Named Time Magazine Person Of The Year

    Time Magazine has declared You — that’s you, me, everyone — to be this
    year’s Person Of The Year. And You in a big way means YouTube, the video
    sharing site getting a long profile about how it has grown, with some
    interesting bits on how it now seeks to maintain its "underground image" as
    part of the "Google empire." So many ironies — Google as all grown up;
    YouTube, a place with much of its popularity due to commerical rather than
    user generated content being shared, as underground. I joked in my SES Chicago
    2006 keynote last week…
  • ODP Founder
    Skrenta On Dying Open Directory

    DMOZ had 9 lives. Used up yet? from one of the Open Directory’s founders Rich
    Skrenta covers how some of the ODP’s data has apparently been lost due to a
    main server crash, with backups not having been done. There’s apparently some
    attempt at recovery, but as Rich points out, does anyone at AOL really care?
    Sadly, it’s felt like not for many years. As with Rich, perhaps the best way
    forward is to just close the project. If not, c’mon Google, acquire it and
    reshape it somehow….

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