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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 28, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Ranks
    Second In Merriam-Webster’s Word Of 2006 List

    Gary Price reports Google, the verb, was the second most popular word in
    Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year survey that just came out. Merriam-Webster
    published the top ten words over here. The top word is "truthiness" by Stephen
  • Google Blog
    Search Passes Technorati In Visits

    Hitwise reports that Google Blog Search has passed Technorati in visits this
    week. Hitwise explains that when Google added a link from Google News to
    Google Blog Search in October, the traffic for Google Blog Search spiked by
    168%. Hitwise reports that currently about 60% of Google Blog Search traffic
    comes from Google News referrals….
  • Patent Filing
    for Google Mobile Search Provides Indexing Clues

    Mobile search has its own rules, and if you want your pages indexed for people
    searching with handhelds, it may help to take a look at some of the patent
    applications that have come out lately from Microsoft and Google on the topic.
    Microsoft provided some details about what they are looking for in a patent
    filing from September, Mobile friendly internet searches. They note there that
    they will only index some pages for their mobile search. And Google……
  • How Google
    Sitelinks May Work, From Patent Application

    Back in September, Vanessa Fox at the Official Google Blog shared with us a
    little information about sitelinks, the groups of links to internal pages that
    sometimes appear under the top result on a search results page. She also
    pointed to a page on Google’s Webmaster Help Center that provides some more
    details. A patent filing with a pretty generic name, Systems and methods for
    providing search results came out last week on these extra internal links. It
    held a couple of surprises……
  • Yahoo To Open
    New Research Center In Bangalore

    The Business Standard reports that Yahoo is to open a new research center in
    Bangalore, India. The research center is to focus on hiring "mentors and
    partners" for the existing research and development center in Bangalore, that
    currently employees 700 individuals. The head of Yahoo Research, Prabhakar
    Raghavan, said; "We have initiated the process of setting up our lab in
    Bangalore and have started hiring scientists for this unit. There is no
    time-frame when this centre will start its operations as it depends on the
    caliber of people we hire and when the centre will be acquire a critical
  • New Mobile
    Flight Status Tracker By FlightStats

    Gary Price reports that FlightStats has added a mobile flight tracking site at
    http://mobile.flightstats.com/. So for all you holiday season travelers,
    bookmark this address on your mobile device (I did), to check flight status,
    departures and arrivals, flight arrivals, airline & airport information,
    security wait times and more….
  • Question &
    Answer Search Engines Ranked

    Via Slashdot, What’s the Best Q&A Site? from MIT Technology Review tests
    several question and answer search engine services. They reviewed and ranked
    AnswerBag, Askville, Live QnA, Wondir, Yahoo Answers and Yedda. So how did
    they rank? Out of a total 12 points, Yahoo Answers scored 11 points, coming
    out tops….
  • Top 101 Search
    Stories Of 2006

    Chris Winfield over at 10e20 has compiled a list of the top 101 stories in the
    search industry for the past year. He orders the stories in descending
    priority order, and most of the stories link to external sources. Here are the
    top five: (5) Google & Yahoo & Microsoft supporting the Sitemaps.org protocol
    (4) The Big Daddy Google Infrastructure change (3) Social search and media
    optimization and how it can be leveraged for SEOs (2) Danny Sullivan leaving
    Search Engine Watch for this fine blog (1) Google Buys YouTube for $1.65
  • Search Bloggers
    On Their Most Popular Posts & Stats For 2006

    Search bloggers around the globe are celebrating the holiday season by giving
    the gift of competitive intelligence. From sharing their most popular posts to
    giving up all of their precious web statistics – a community of search
    bloggers are sharing more than they ever have….

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere:

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