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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 29, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Of Disappearing
    Sex Blogs & Google Updates

    Last week, Barry Schwartz reported there seemed to be a Google update going,
    based on forum activity he was seeing. Google’s Matt Cutts quickly followed up
    with a short refresher on the difference between algorithm updates, data
    refreshes and index updates. The purpose was to explain that any changes some
    people were seeing were likely small and seemingly restricted to individual
    sites as new data flowed in, rather than a massive algorithm change similar to
    the great Florida update of November and December 2003. All fine and good and
    reassuring until the great sex blog disappearance happened this week. Folks…
  • Google Pushes
    Forward With Newspaper Ads

    Google Set To Expand Newspaper Ad Program at the Washington Post reports that
    Google’s newspaper tests were a success according to the company. They want to
    expand the tests in the coming months. The pilot results were triple in volume
    of ads sold, compared to what they expected. FYI, the first ad test was deemed
  • Google Jet
    Spotted At Christchurch Airport, New Zealand

    Stuff.co.nz reports that the Google Jet was reportedly spotted at Christchurch
    airport in New Zealand yesterday afternoon, complete with a nice picture of
    the plane. They do not know who was on the plane owned by Google’s founders.
    Reportedly, the plane’s tail number was blocked out so that it cannot be
    tracked by the public via internet tracking sites. No official statement from
    Google has been made to confirm this news….
  • Google
    Accidentally Deletes Email Of 60 Gmail Users

    GigaOM and TechCrunch report that some Gmail users have noticed some or all of
    their mail has been deleted. Google has responded with an official statement,
    explaining there was a bug that affected about 60 Gmail users. Here’s the
    statement via GigaOM:…
  • Yahoo Removes
    Message Boards: What Is To Come?

    This morning, I was searching for a specific Yahoo message board and came up
    with nothing, so I assumed it was not there. Then I see that Slashdot reported
    the message boards have been removed. Yahoo informs us that they are "working
    on new ways for readers to comment on the news and participate in a discussion
    around it."…
  • Defending SEO,
    Yet Again!

    SEM and SEO, Rocket Science, or Just Plain Science? (Part 1) from Kevin Lee at
    ClickZ has Kevin jumping formally into the "SEO is easy versus SEO is rocket
    science debate" and digging a hole even deeper for himself, as far as I’m
    concerned. Sorry, Kevin. Kevin writes: To recap the roots of the controversy,
    my business partner of over 10 years, David Pasternack, touched a nerve
    recently when he wrote an article for his DMNews column, Troubled Times for
    SEO Firms, in which he stated, "SEO isn’t rocket science." Apparently, a
    segment of the SEO blogosphere hopes to continue…
  • The People
    Behind Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest & Other Mapping Software

    Cartographers hit the road to bring updated online maps by the St. Louis
    Post-Dispatch tells the story behind the individuals who draw the maps we use
    in our GPS devices or via our favorite online mapping software. NAVTEQ is the
    company that MapQuest, Google, Yahoo and others use for their mapping
    database. They travel the globe, document new roads, old roads, construction
    issues and more. One thing I found particularly interesting is what
    construction effort warrants a map change at MapQuest; MapQuest manager
    Christian Dwyer said his company typically adjusts its maps any time a
    construction project exceeds three months;…
  • Google’s Not So
    Top Terms & Top US Gainers For 2006

    Last week, I wrote The Lies Of Top Search Terms Of The Year covering how the
    top terms of 2006 from Google turned out not to be the top terms at all in raw
    popularity. I caught up with Google at the end of that week to talk about this
    more but didn’t have a chance to post a follow-up before Christmas hit. Now
    Google’s done a blog post — How we came up with year-end Zeitgeist data —
    explaining that the top searches list really should have been called the "top
    gaining searches" list. More on that below, plus…
  • PhraseRank, Not
    PageRank, To Fight Search Spam

    Can indexing phrases from pages be an effective approach in identifying and
    filtering keyword stuffed pages, and honeypot pages aimed at attracting
    visitors solely to have them click upon ads? A new patent application
    published yesterday and assigned to Google, Detecting spam documents in a
    phrase based information retrieval system, presents a reasonable argument in
    favor of the method. Ok, so "Phraserank" doesn’t appear in the document. But
    it’s a term that might be worth thinking about. It may do much more than just
    help fight spam….
  • YellowPages.com
    Adds ‘Send to Mobile’

    Joining Yahoo Local, Windows Live Local, Google Maps, and IAC-owned Citysearch
    and AskCity, YellowPages.com announced a new "send to mobile" feature. The
    listing and contact details are sent via text to the user’s mobile phone.
    Here’s a result for the search "Plumbers, New York." (Send to mobile is on the
    upper right of each ad.)…

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