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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 12, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Accused
    Of Profiting On Film Piracy: Discussions Continue

    Media Firms Say Google Benefited From Film Piracy [paid sub. required] by the
    Wall Street Journal reports that Google has been accused of profiting from
    pirated movies. Specifically, there are two web sites that allegedly offered
    pirated movies. Google is said to have supported them in part by an ad…
  • Microsoft,
    Google & Others To Build New Wireless Device?

    Both the Seattle PI and the Seattle Times have details about a group of
    technology companies — including Microsoft and Google — seeking permission
    from the US Federal Communications Commission to test a prototype device that
    uses "white space" radio spectrum freed up as TV stations go digital. Could
  • Ironically, You
    Need A Map To Find Google & Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Map Apps

    I was thrilled to hear Google was offering Google Maps For Windows Mobile
    recently. I’m a big Windows Mobile user, and I’ve often felt abandoned by
    Google on my device. But actually finding that app using my Windows Mobile
    device turned out to be an incredible challenge. The same was…
  • Yahoo Signs
    Mobile Advertisers; Google Partners With Vodafone On Maps, Live Search Mobile
    Leaving Beta

    The 3GSM World Congress is happening this week, so expect a variety of mobile
    announcements. Here’s a rundown on some that have caught my eye:…
  • Yahoo Go For
    Mobile Goes "Gamma," LG Partnership Announced

    Yahoo Go For Mobile 2.0, which was released last month, has now gone "gamma"
    says Yahoo. What’s gamma? Last year, Yahoo’s Flickr photo sharing service had
    new features were deemed beyond the beta testing phase but still not final.
    So, they announced a gamma phase. Now Yahoo’s doing the same…
  • Google’s Agent
    Rank Patent Application

    Google returns results based upon content appearing upon individual pages, or
    at specific URLs. But that content could come from different authors, who have
    different levels of control over it. For example, a blog page may have posts
    written by more than one author, comments penned by others, and
  • Exclusive
    Interview with Microsoft Live Search’s Justin Osmer

    This week, I talk with Justin Osmer from Microsoft, a Senior Product Manager
    with the Online Services Group, which includes both MSN and Windows Live,
    including Windows Live Search. Obviously, the last few months have been busy
    ones at Microsoft, with the roll out of Windows Live and the…
  • Ask.com Chooses
    Central Washington For New Data Center

    Ask.com, Intuit bringing new data centers to state reports that Ask.com has
    selected Washington State for the location of a new data center, designed to
    help save Ask.com money on power. Although Ask.com did not mention which
    building they have selected, we know they "signed a lease in an existing…
  • I Have A Link
    Building Secret

    Link building secrets? That search on Google comes up with over 20 million
    matches. How secret is anything out there with so much discussion about it?
    And which of those 20 million shiny nuggets are real secrets rather than
    fool’s gold? Here are just some of the secrets you…
  • Link Building
    Webcast Next Week

    You’re invited to join Search Engine Land columnist Eric Ward when he presents
    Online Publicity and Link-Building 2007, a free webcast from our sister site
    Search Marketing Now. The webcast is Thursday, February 15 at1:00 PM Eastern
    (6:00 PM GMT), and will last 45-50 minutes including a live Q+A session…
  • What Are Google

    Many more people are reporting seeing Google Sitelinks update, so I thought it
    would be a good time to revisit what Google Sitelinks are….
  • Search Love
    Triangle: Ask.com Wants Those Looking For Yahoo.com On Google.com

    It’s not new for search engines to advertise on other search engines. We wrote
    about Live.com doing that on Google earlier this year, and that was just the
    latest in a long line of examples over the years. But we’ve never heard of a
    search engine advertising for those…

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