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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 19, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Finance Plus Signs In Google Search Results
    Vygantas Lipskas spotted plus signs within Google search results that contain Google Finance information. A search at one Google data center on computers brings back the follow results:…

  • Understanding Link Reputation
    There was an interesting comment made in a private discussion list I’m a member of related to paid links. Someone I have great respect for gave an example of a page that had several links on it, one of which was paid for, the others which were not paid…

  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets Coming To Apps In Weeks
    PC World reports that Google Apps will be adding Google Docs and Spreadsheets to the suite this quarter and possibly within a few weeks. We expected this to come sooner than later after Google decided to roll out fee-based Google Apps. PC World has quotes from lots of organizations that…

  • Google Issues Paper On Hard Drive Failures
    Google has issued a paper on the reliability of certain types of hard drives named Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population. Engadget sums up the study via Slashdot saying the following:…

  • Google Sues Group Of Polish Poets Over Gmail.pl Name
    Google sues Polish poets over gmail.pl via the AFP reports that Google is now going after a group of Polish poets for the domain name gmail.pl. Gmail.pl is the domain name for “Grupa Młodych Artystów i Literatów” (GMAiL), but Google claims they poets have no rights to the name. Krawczyk…

  • Google Sending Wikipedia A Ton Of Traffic
    Google Traffic To Wikipedia up 166% Year over Year by Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott gives us some of the data search marketers have been craving for years. We all knew that Wikipedia tends to rule in the Google results but these statistics show us by how much. 70% of Wikipedia’s upstream…

  • Vacation & Brief Blog Downtime
    I’m officially on vacation, back on the blog again beginning February 26. The blog itself is also taking a very short break. Tomorrow — Saturday, February 17 — it will go offline for an hour or less at 10PM Pacific time, as we test a new server configuration that we…

  • Google Customized Search Engines to Harness The Wisdom of Experts?
    Back in October, 2006, Google announced on the Official Google Blog that they were enabling people to create their own custom search engines. If you asked yourself why they were doing this, and how it might provide benefits to individual site owners, searchers as a whole, and Google itself, there…

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