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SearchCap: The Day In Search, Feb. 2, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

  • Exclusive Interview: Larry Cornett, Yahoo Director of User Experience Design
    This week I caught up with Larry Cornett, the relatively new Director of User Experience Design at Yahoo and Kathryn Kelly, Director of PR for Yahoo! Search. Again, to set the stage for the interview, here are some high level findings from our eye tracking study that I’ll be…

  • Search Month: January 2007 Search News, In Review
    Welcome to the second edition of Search Month, a monthly newsletter that recaps stories we’ve covered on Search Engine Land over the past month. It’s also available by feed here. I’ve now shifted Search Month to listing stories by topic, rather than by date. I’ve long done this to some…

  • Viacom Tells Google’s YouTube To Remove Videos
    News is just coming out that Viacom, the parent company of MTV and Comedy Central, is demanding Google-owned YouTube to remove all of Viacom’s videos. Reuters.com has a brief article explaining that about “100,000 video clips from Viacom-owned properties including MTV Networks and BET has been asked to be removed.”…

  • Google Local Ads In Google Earth
    Brad Geddes has spotted Google Local ads within Google Earth. We know Google has tested local ads within Google Maps in the past, more than just once. But I have never seen reports of Google Local ads within Google Earth, Google’s desktop based mapping system….

  • SEO Gains Ground, Search Ads Top In Top Performing Online Ad Tactics
    eMarketer.com released a study that shows how SEO has grown 33% in 2005 to 45% in 2006 in the category of best performing online advertising tactic, whereas search ads have declined a from 52% in 2005 to 49% in 2006. As you can see, search ads are still rated the…

  • Google Demanded North Carolina Stay Quiet
    Google put pressure on legislators to stay quiet at WCNC-TV reports that during Google’s negotiations with North Carolina to house a huge server farm, lawmakers in North Carolina were pressured to keep quiet about Google’s tax break demands. State Commerce Secretary Jim Fain was told that if it was not…

  • Google Launches Maps For Windows Mobile
    Google isn’t taking chances in mobile. The company is making sure that you can access Maps and local information if you text, use a WAP/mobile browser or prefer a rich mobile application, previously available only for Java phones. But now Google has introduced its Maps application for Windows Mobile phones….

  • Google AdSense Makes Changes to Publisher Referral Program
    Google AdSense has made some new changes to their referral program, with one of the changes resulting in publishers earning significantly more money than under the previous program. Now publishers can earn up to $255 for referring a new publisher to AdSense, up from the previous $100. They have also…

  • Digg Drops List Of Top Users To Curb Gaming
    Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.com, has announced that Digg will remove (still live this AM) the “Top Diggers” list in order to help lower the perceived manipulation of the Digg system by those top diggers. Now, Kevin clearly explains that he does not believe the top diggers were manipulating the…

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